• What is a Doho Flasher (Tuning Flasher) and how does it work?

    A tuning flasher is a tool used to modify the control software of a vehicle to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. The Doho Flasher is such a tool, which is connected to the vehicle via an OBD plug and controlled through user-friendly software.

  • What is the difference between the Doho Flasher and other tuning methods?

    Other tuning methods, such as chip tuning boxes or pedal boxes, require the installation of visible physical devices to produce changes. The Doho Flasher, on the other hand, allows direct access to the control software of your vehicle, resulting in a more efficient tuning process without intermediate steps.

  • Can I tune my vehicle myself with the Doho Flasher?

    Yes, with the Doho Flasher, you can easily and safely tune your vehicle yourself. Check out our instructions for more information.


  • What vehicles can I tune with the Doho Flasher?

    The Doho Flasher is suitable for a variety of vehicle types and machines, including tractors, construction machines, forestry machines, stationary machines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. Check out all the vehicle categories here.

  • What performance improvements can I expect?

    On average, engine performance can be improved by 5-20% (performance tuning). As the performance improvements vary from vehicle to vehicle, you can find the specific possibilities for your vehicle here: Choose your vehicle.

  • How does tuning affect fuel consumption?

    With our eco-tuning, you can optimize engine performance to achieve fuel savings of up to 5-10%. Of course, this depends on the vehicle type and driving behavior. Find the specific possibilities for your vehicle here: Choose your vehicle.

  • Can I optimize a vehicle with plant oil operation with a Doho Flasher?

    Yes. As we have been pioneers in the development of plant oil, biofuels, and environmentally friendly engine technology, we also offer optimized solutions in this area with the Doho Flasher.


  • What is included in the package?

    The package includes everything you need for your tuning: the Doho Flasher, OBD cable, and software.

  • What is the price for a Doho Flasher?

    The price varies depending on the vehicle category (tractor, truck, car, etc.) and the tuning method (performance, eco, deactivation). You can find the exact prices for your vehicle here: Choose your vehicle.

  • What do I need to use the Doho Flasher?

    You need the Doho Flasher, an OBD plug, and the software. Everything is already included in the package. To upload/download software, you only need a laptop/PC with internet access.


  • Where can I upload my original software?

    After reading the original software of your vehicle with the Doho Flasher, you can easily upload the software here: Software upload.

  • How do I get my optimized software?

    Once your software has been optimized, you will receive a download link by email.

  • How long does it take to optimize my software?

    Usually, the tuning takes no longer than one hour (after receiving the original software). Within our working hours: all day from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 18:00 (CET – Central European Time).


  • What is the difference between the original and modified software version?

    The original software version is the control software of the vehicle provided by the manufacturer. The modified software version is the version we have adjusted to improve the engine performance within a reasonable tolerance range.

  • Can I switch between the original and modified software version?

    Yes. With the Doho Flasher, you can switch between the original and modified software versions at any time. In this case, a backup of your original software version is stored directly on your Doho Flasher as well as in our system for safekeeping.

  • Is tuning / chiptuning generally detectable?

    Tuning / chiptuning is generally detectable, as it involves a modification of the vehicle’s software that is stored on the control unit. There are various ways in which tuning can be detected. The extent of detectability also depends on the type of tuning.


  • How do I get support if I have problems with my Doho Flasher?

    Our support team based in Germany is available to assist you during comprehensive support hours (Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm):

  • What are the warranty or return conditions for the Doho Flasher?

    Of course, both warranty and return options are available for the Doho Flasher. We want to provide the best possible individual support in each case, so please simply contact our support team:

  • Can I damage my vehicle with the Doho Flasher?

    If you carefully follow the instructions of the Doho Flasher and, if necessary, seek support from our experienced experts, there is no risk of damaging your vehicle.


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