Performance optimization Steyr 6300CVT

On a Steyr 6300CVT, performance optimization and Adblue* optimization was performed via the DoHo-Flasher.

The customer enjoys now a 20% increase in performance this case from 296HP to 355HP increased vehicle has been optimized by 60HP and also consumes less fuel and simultaneous optimization of the Adblue* aftertreatment.

Our customer enjoys now an optimization of his vehicle and also reduces his costs by the way!

=> increase performance

=> minimize your costs

=> perform chiptuning safely and easily by yourself

How do I tune myself?

⚫Search for your vehicle https://us.doho-flasher.com/vehicles/ and configure it.

⚫Receive delivery

⚫Tune yourself via the OBD connector

You have questions about the implementation? https://us.doho-flasher.com/contact/

*Find out if execution is allowed in your country!

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