John Deere S770 Ready for the harvest season

Harvest time is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and busy periods for farmers around the world. To make the work more efficient and productive, choosing the right harvesting machine is crucial.

In this case, it’s a John Deere S770 with Phoenix L33 ECU that’s equipped with 9.0-liter engine and a whopping 455hp

Phoenix L33 ECU and DoHo-Flasher

The Phoenix L33 ECU is a state-of-the-art electronic control unit that takes the performance and efficiency of the John Deere S770 to a new level. This ECU was read via the DoHo-Flasher via OBD (on-board diagnostics) and optimized by our experienced technicians. The result is a significant increase in the performance of this already impressive harvester.

Performance improvement

By optimizing the ECU, the performance of the John Deere S770 has been significantly increased. With more horsepower under the hood, the machine can handle difficult tasks with ease and complete harvesting work faster. This means not only increased productivity, but also time savings for the farmer.

Cost savings and efficiency

Increasing the power of the S770 not only leads to more efficiency in the field, but also to significant cost savings. Optimizing the engine reduces fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs. This is particularly beneficial in times of rising fuel prices.


The John Deere S770 with 455 hp and optimization by the Phoenix L33 ECU is undoubtedly an impressive harvester. With this machine, farmers are well equipped to tackle the upcoming harvest season with maximum effort and minimum cost. The combination of increased power and optimized efficiency makes the S770 an invaluable ally in the field and shows how modern technology is revolutionizing agriculture.

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