More Power, More Efficiency: Power Upgrade for New Holland FR9050

Agricultural machinery plays a crucial role in the efficiency and productivity of modern farms.

Through precise calibration and modifications, one customer was able to take his machine to the next level – all with the help of his own DOHO Flasher!

More Power, More Efficiency

The New Holland FR9050 is already a powerful harvester, but as with many agricultural machines, there is always room for improvement. In this case, it’s all about increasing performance and optimizing fuel consumption.

Accurate calibration

The power upgrade for the New Holland FR9050 starts with a precise calibration. This involves analyzing and adjusting various parameters of the machine to ensure optimal performance. This may include increasing torque and power to increase working speed and efficiency.

Fuel consumption optimization

Another important aspect of this upgrade is the optimization of fuel consumption. Precise calibration and modifications make the machine more efficient and require less fuel to do the same job. This results in significant savings in operating costs while helping to reduce environmental impact.

Customer involvement

What makes this power upgrade truly unique is the fact that a DoHo-Flasher customer can do this with their own DOHO-Flasher. This shows that farmers have more and more options to increase the power of their machines themselves and thus reduce their operating costs.


The Power Upgrade for the New Holland FR9050 is a step towards more power and efficiency in the field. Through precise calibration, modifications and optimization of fuel consumption, farmers can take their machines to the next level themselves with their own DoHo-Flasher.

The fact that customers can do this themselves shows that agriculture is constantly advancing and developing more innovative solutions to meet the challenges of modern farming. With more power and more efficiency, farmers can achieve better yields while reducing environmental impact.

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